Knife for plastic shredder with longer service life

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Shredders / Knives
0 – 250 °C / 32 – 480 °F
Dimensioni del materiale lavorato
10 – 300 mm / 0,4 – 12,0 "
Nuova soluzione
Hardox 600
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To crush plastic is originating from the selection of a recycling plant.

The steel that was used in the past was tool steel   ( DIN 1.2379 ). The rotation speed of the shredder is 600 rpm, approx. The problems are cracks and important chipping on the edges that means complicated regrinding. Replaced with Hardox-600.

Dimensions and Quantities:

Thickness 15 mm. The shredder has 6 rotating cutting edges (45º) and 4 fixed (15 º). The sizes are 396 x 70 and 396 x 46 respectively.

Service Life and Status:

Cutting edges in DIN 1.2379 have a service life of a week, after regrinding is necessary; Hardox-600 has a service life of  9 days before regrinding. The turnover could be 5 Tn / year.